Personal Insurance refers to the type of insurance that protects you and your house-hold members against financial catastrophe. Personal financial catastrophe can have many faces: insurances can provide the funds to rebuild your home destroyed by fire, repair your car damaged in an accident or even cover a loss settlement if you have been sued.
Personal Insurance is designed for you! Whether you own a home or rent, own a car or boat or both, there is insurance for that. In fact, you can even insure your collections and sports equipment. Your personal insurance should reflect your needs, so when you choose an insurance agent, Globe Insurance can maximize discounts and make suggestions based on your overall picture.


Business Insurance refers to the types of policies that protect you and your business from financial catastrophe. Whether you are earning money from a hobby or operate a multi-million dollar corporation, you need business insurance.
Business Insurance is designed for your operation. Whether it is an in-home business or a full scale commercial operation, there is insurance for that. With several years of professional insurance experience, Globe Insurance agents have the knowledge to write the policies you need.


Life Insurance refers to the type of insurance you would purchase to protect your loved ones from financial disaster if you were to pass away. Like every other kind of insurance, Life Insurance comes in many “shapes and sizes”. You purchase life insurance to fit your situation.
Health Insurance pays medical bills. You can purchase an insurance policy that covers yourself, your family, or your employees if you are an employer. You can tailor your coverage to include doctors’ visits, build a fund to pay the doctors, or anything in-between.

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